Hunting for a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Our Residential Mover Shares Some Tips on How to Find a Pet-Friendly Residence

You will be surprised to find out how many people in the US live in small apartments with their pets, but believe us, there are plenty. Although about 16% of the people who live in apartments with pets had problems with their neighbors because of that, another 25% hid their pet from their landlord, and more than 9% lost their security deposit because of that, there are still plenty of tenants who would risk all that for their beloved cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles, guinea pigs, etc.

Here are some facts that our residential mover knows about hunting for a pet-friendly apartment:

  • 85% of tenants have great difficulties finding a rental property that is pet-friendly.
  • 57% have not secured an apartment because of no-pet policy.
  • 22% had to give a pet away because they were not able to find any pet-friendly housing for the price they were willing to pay.
  • 15% had a pet interview with their landlord or property manager.

If you have finally found a place where you can move in with your pet, here is what you need to take care of:

  • Pet-frinedly residenceTake your pet to a vet and obtain the necessary check-up documents. Obtain the pet’s health record, health certificate and rabies tag. Inquire about pet sedation that you can use while traveling long distance.
  • Obtain a travel identification tag for your pet. It should include its name, the owner’s name, the name of an alternative contact person, and the destination address.
  • Create a pet travel kit. It should include a supply of the pet’s regular food, some treats, favorite toys, a brush, flea or tick repellent, blanket, and plastic bags to clean after your pet.

If your residential mover refuses to transport your pet and you have to personally take care of that, make sure that you don’t feed it at least 4 hours before the travel, especially if it has a sensitive stomach. Make sure it stays hydrated.

If you want to learn more about pet transportation and adaptation to new surroundings, make sure that you contact Sam’s Moving and Delivery of Chicago IL at (847) 278-2260! Our team will be glad to help you anytime!

Living room Layout Guide for Tenants Who Have Just Got Their Furniture Delivered

Tips to Help Your Furniture Mover Unload Your Stuff at the Right Place

Today, we will show you 5 different living room floor plans to help you decide which one will be functional enough to serve the purposes you want in the home you are about to relocate to. It is a good idea to decide the one you will go for before your furniture mover arrives so that you can show the transportation team how and where do you want them to unload your living room furniture.

Funiture mover needed

Emphasis on a focal point. The focal point can be anything that you want – a TV, coffee table, fireplace, nice ocean view, etc. Ask your movers to orient the chairs, sofa and the other furniture towards the focal point you have chosen.

Emphasis on conversation. Sofas and chairs have to be grouped together so that people can easily talk to each other. This layout is perfect if you love to host parties.

Kid-friendly. There should be a play zone (usually in the middle of the room) which has to be clearly separated from the seating area. You can use a small table or a bookshelf for this purpose. Leave an empty corner that you can use as a toy storage.

Emphasis on visual balance. To form a room which looks balanced, ask your movers to place your furniture so that pieces with similar visual weight and height are opposite each other. So if you have 2 similar sofas, for example, they should be placed opposite each other.

Emphasis on alignment or symmetry. Symmetrical arrangements work best for formal rooms. Asymmetrical solutions always make a room more casual.

Before telling your furniture mover where to place the transported items, consider the traffic. If you somehow stop the traffic flow, then the room won’t feel comfortable and you may have to rearrange it afterwards.

Of course, we are only movers, not interior designers, so when it comes to designing solutions, you’d better count on another consultant. What we do best is safely move furniture, boxes, musical instruments, and other personal belongings of yours. For more information about the methods and vehicles we use to do this, you can contact Sam’s Moving and Delivery at (847) 278-2260. Our office is based in Chicago IL.

Which Are the Items Which Your Home Mover May Refuse to Transport

Learn More about the Code of Your Local Movers

Home relocation is definitely not an easy business and you need to plan and consider each aspect of it very carefully! For those of you who have not done it before and need some guidance when it comes to packing, we have prepared the following post. This is a sort of short guide including the items which most local movers will refuse to transport out of safety reasons!

Here are the items which your house mover may not want to ship:

Provessional shipping servicePlants. We all know that your plants are living creatures and they need air and light in order to survive. Locking them in a dark, non-ventilated truck for more than 24 hours will mean torturing them to death. This is why it comes as no surprise that your moving team will not want to take such a huge responsibility.

Freezers and fridges which have not been defrosted well. Most moving contractors demand a fridge or a freezer to be defrosted at least 24 hours before being transported to another location. If you have failed to do so, most companies reserve the right to refuse you to load such appliances. This is for your own safety, as any remaining ice will defrost during the shipment and the water which will appear as a result may damage the boxes containing your personal belongings as well as your furniture.

Flammable substances and materials. Motor oil, lamp oils, gasoline, and even coil are strictly banned from being transported unless the house mover you have booked has specialty vehicles and is certified to do this. You will be surprised but even nail polish is considered a dangerous substance as it is flammable. For the complete list of substances that you are not allowed to transport, consult your local mover.

Sam’s Moving and Delivery is one of the top fully-licensed movers in Chicago IL that has specialized in home relocation services. Contact us now at (847) 278-2260, and we will be more than happy to share with you our list of hazardous items that you will not be allowed to ship with us!

What Can a Movers Do That You Cannot?

What a Piano Moving Service Can Do for You

Piano mover - animatedA piano moving service specializes in transporting pianos from one place to another. Whether it is moving the piano between floors in the same house or transporting it from one side of the country to the other, moving a piano needs a lot of skill to prevent damage being done to the instrument and its body, and injury to the movers. In order to move a piano safely and with the minimum risk financially to himself and the owner, a mover has to use special equipment and methods plus have full insurance coverage.

Most time people that are relocating try to cut costs by asking friends and family to help move their belongings. When moving a piano, it is always recommended to hire a professional piano moving service. Pianos are very heavy, depending on the model, they can start from 300 to 1,300 pounds. Also, their casing and mechanisms are very easily damaged. A qualified mover comes with the knowledge to move instruments safely in between floors, tight spots, and in and out of moving vans.

Depending on how heavy the piano is and how hard the job is, a mover usually works with a team of two or five professionals. Usually, he uses two vital pieces of equipment, a dolly and pads. A dolly is a flat bed on wheels. A piano is secured on top of this so it can be pushed easily over surfaces. Moving pads are thick pieces of cloth that are wrapped around a piano, stopping damage from being done to its body as it is transported through tight spaces.

While transporting an upright piano through a house can be straightforward, the job of a mover can be much more complex. If they are moving a grand piano that does not fit through doors, they could have to remove the piano’s legs and lid. Should the mover be required to move a piano from a second storey to street level, they could use a special crane to move the piano downstairs or, on occasion, through windows.

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Welcome to Sam’s Moving and Delivery – learn more about who we are from our first post!

What makes us better than other residential movers in Chicago IL?

Hello and welcome to our blog page. Before we start providing you with moving and packing tips as expected, we would like to introduce ourselves to you so that you know what makes us better than other local movers.

Some Packing and Transportation Benefits of Sam’s Moving and Delivery

Each box or crate packed by us will have attached an inventory of the items inside, and you will be able to inspect it before it is loaded on to our vehicle.

  • residential moverWe have an efficient packing system that ensures fast and easy unpacking.
  • Once all of your items and furniture are loaded and ready to be transported, the driver will inform you when your property will arrive at its destination.
  • Once your property is on the road, you can be sure your items will be safe, sound and delivered according to schedule.

It is important that you are present at your new residence to meet the driver and movers when they arrive and let them move your belongings inside. Our friendly and polite staff of movers will then unload your precious items. Meanwhile, you will be given an inventory list to confirm all of your valuables have arrived, and then, you will be asked to sign it. With us, moving doesn’t have to be a scary and stressful experience. No matter what other residential movers in Chicago IL offer, we know we can do a better job and this is what our customers value above all – the quality of our workmanship. Call us now at (847) 278-2260, and you will get to taste our precision and confidence!

How to Prepare for Meeting an Expert Mover

What to Do When You Book the Help of Professional Movers for Your Relocation?

Eventually, all people face the need to move from one home to another, and this is the time when the services of professional movers become quite helpful, especially if the move is long distance. This is where Sam’s Moving and Delivery can help make your relocation easier and less stressful by accommodating all your moving needs. Our experts are available to give you an in-home accurate estimate, at a convenient time for you, in order to determine your packaging needs and to help you make a detailed step by step moving plan.

Digital moversDuring the visit from one of our expert representatives, make sure that you identify any items that you will not be taking with you. This is important in order to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion that may occur during the move.

Before you pack, make sure that you separate the items you are planning to sell, give away or throw away. This will ensure that nothing important is left behind.

As a prime full service moving company, we will assist you only as much as you wish in order to make your relocation run smoothly. A packing team can be ready and available a day or two prior to your scheduled move date, depending on the scale of your move. We will take an inventory then. Our expert will pack valuable things using quality packing materials only. Do not trust questionable movers in Chicago IL with your most valuable possessions. Call (847) 278-2260, and we will deal with your relocation within the blink of an eye!

How to Advertise and Sell Old Furniture You Don’t Need After You Move

Reduce your Delivery Service Expenses, Sell All the Unnecessary Furniture Before You Move!

Instead of thinking about how to organize the delivery service of all the old furniture you no longer need to the new home you are moving to, or how much all this will cost you, you can read the following post. Today, we will give you some tips on how to sell old pieces of furniture online.

The key to a successful sale is your description. It is not the picture that you have made which sells the item, but the few descriptive lines written underneath. Here is how you can avoid telling the truth about the real situation of your furniture, without lying at the same time.

  • If your furniture was made:
  1. after1980, it is contemporary
  2. during the 80’s, it is midcentury
  3. before 1980, it is vintage
  4. way before the 80s, it is antique
  • If there is chrome over or inside your furniture, it is atomic age.
  • if there is some glass or mirrors, on it, it is Euro style.
  • If it has a wood bendy, it is Scandinavian.
  • Describe pieces of furniture which are too fancy as Victorian and you will get the call you want.
  • Wooden furniture can be presented as items from solid oak.
  • If an item is made from bamboo, it is zen.
  • Metal furniture can be presented as industrial.
  • A black leather couch is bauhaus.
  • A bad paint job can be advertised as shabby chic.
  • A bad striped job can be called brushed metal.
  • Ikea furniture can be advertised as designer.
  • When the item you want to sell has a lot of colors, you can call it retro. It will become funky, however, if it’s so colorful that it looks absurd.
  • If you have a rug for sale, advertise it as oriental.
  • If the piece of furniture was stored in your parent’s basement for a long time, you can call it an heirloom.
  • If it is falling apart, there is no better way to sell it than to say it’s a weekend project.

Using such small tricks will help you get rid of all the unnecessary furniture you have. If, however, you still need to book a delivery service for the items you did not manage to sell, you can turn to Sam’s Moving and Delivery, of Chicago IL. Our prices are designed to match your budget.

How to find the house movers that gives most bang for the buck.

Many house movers in Chicago IL compete against each other for offering great services and good prices, so how would you choose the best one? How to get that perfect balance between quality services and affordable rates? Every person on the brink of moving is asking himself: How to get more bang for the buck? We say: Easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Research

House moving in progress

Once your home in Chicago IL is up for sale, phone will start ringing and your email box start filling up with moving service offers. Choose few of the best deals and find out how they fare on customer reviews.

Ask family, friends and coworkers for advice. If you know any of them that hired a moving service before, they are definitely the right people to ask for opinions. Keep in mind that the bad reviews matter as much as the good reviews. You will want to know which are the moving companies you should stay away from.

2. Estimates.

Most house movers in Chicago IL offer free of charge estimates. This is a great advantage. However a true estimate cannot be established after only a phone call. The mover has to come to your place, inspect the items that should be mover, and only after a thorough inspection, he will be able to give a real estimate. Stay away from estimates over the phone. You may end up paying twice the price or getting a poor service.

3. Insurances and licenses.

Every one of the moving companies, you consider, must be licensed and insured, the ones in Chicago IL are no exception. As you’re looking to transport all your belongings, for sure some very expensive items will have to be handled. You want to make sure that all your things are protected and covered in case of breakage, loss or damage. A licensed and insured moving service will give you peace of mind that your items are safe.

4. Make a decision based on services and not prices.

When you compare estimates, pay attention to all the details and services they offer. Some moving companies may come with their own package supplies, or storage units so the price may be higher but the quality of the service is way better.

The perfect moving service provider in Chicago IL is Sam’s Moving and Delivery. They offer some of the most comprehensive packages for fair prices. Call them now at (847) 278-2260 and find out more.

So You’ve Decided It’s Time to Move House

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Are you planning to move out? Do you have too many belongings to handle on your own. If you need assistance, hiring a moving company is the best option for you. It is important, of course, which company you choose, because moving companies in Chicago IL offer different prices and conditions. We can offer you some advice on how to choose your company.

Moving a sofaBefore hiring a moving company, it is good to know whether they have a reputation. If they are established as reliable and trustworthy, you can find out more by asking them some questions. This way you will clarify what they offer, and if their services can satisfy your moving needs:

  • Ask if they have considerable experience in this business.
  • Ask if they are licensed. If you are moving from one state to another, the moving company has to have a US DOT number, licensed by the United States Department of Transportation.
  • If the company is insured, it guarantees a secure moving service. If they do not have a license insurance number, you can ask them for supplementary moving insurance.
  • What is included in their price? Check the other companies’ prices and compare them. See if fuel charges are added.
  • Do you have any special delivery windows or consolidation policies. You should consider if the company is moving out other peoples’ belongings. It can save you money, but it is not the greatest way to ensure you can use your stuff on the date you need it.
  • Will they take care of your belongings and protect them. Items should be wrapped in order to prevent potential breakages, especially for fragile things. Ask them how your belongings will be moved, how many people will take care of them, and if they will charge for overtime.
  • Ask if they are familiar with elevators and high rise buildings.
  • If they do not ask you anything, that means they are not professionals and something is wrong.

Moving companies, like Sam’s Moving and Delivery, should offer you 24/7 service.

How to Safely Relocate a Piano to Your New Home

Tips Provided From Professional Piano Movers on How to Load and Transport Various Types and Sizes of Pianos


If you are relocating to a new property and have a heavy piano you want to take with you, you better consider hiring an experienced and well-equipped piano moving service provider to assist you. If you decide to manage this heavy-duty task yourself, without applying the necessary techniques, you will most probably end up completely exhausted in the middle of the staircase, or even worse, damage the instrument.

Various piano types should be removed, loaded, and transported by applying different techniques. Moving a piano is a tiresome and frustrating process, mainly because people do not know the necessary tactics to simplify the job, or do not possess the tools and equipment, which will make the move easier. If you have a similar project ahead of you, it’s your lucky day today, as Sam’s Moving and Delivery, a well-known moving company in Chicago IL, has decided to share a few piano moving service tricks with you.

  1. Get a four-wheel piano dolly.
  2. Use a moving team of at least 3 people. This instrument is extremely heavy and you better not risk dropping it if you lack enough manpower to load into the transportation truck.
  3. Cover the legs of the piano with bubble wrap, so they can be protected from contact with other surfaces or moving boxes which are also loaded in the same removal truck.
  4. Never use the wheels to move an upright piano more than a few inches, this may damage the floor of your former home. When you unload it, at your new property, apply the same rule as well.
  5. If your elevator is too small to fit the piano or you don’t have one, you better wrap it with ropes and put a carpet underneath to make the process of sliding and pulling the huge instrument easier.
  6. When the piano is already in the truck, make sure to turn the keyboard toward a wall, to avoid sliding or bumping the keys. You can secure it with ropes and bubble wrap additionally.

If you want to be 100% sure that your piano will be delivered intact from point A to point B, you may ask your piano moving service provider to show you a copy of the company’s license and insurance policy or even make an extra insurance yourself.