The Benefits of Hiring Sam’s Moving and Delivery’s Bilingual Movers

Chicago IL is a cosmopolitan area where different ethnic groups have gathered together to live and work in a hospitable and creative atmosphere. If you plan to join the large family of individuals who inhabit the city and relocate your home here, you will probably be looking for experienced movers to help you transport all of your belongings.

Movers in actionIn this multinational environment, you will be able to organize your move quickly and effectively only if you employ a moving agency which can provide you with bilingual movers. You are lucky to have found Sam’s Moving and Delivery online, as we can provide you with both English and Russian speaking movers unlike the other moving companies in the area.

But Why Russian Movers?

The self-reported number of Russian Americans in the US is 3,163,084, which is almost 1.0% of the entire US population. Isn’t that a reason enough? Although only around 410,000 of them are Russian-born they all speak the language and Chicago is one of the cosmopolitan cities in the States where many Russian families have settled. Considering all this it is highly probable that your future landlord or neighbors belong to this group as well. It will be a great start for you if you can impress them while you still move in. Moreover, our workers are not only bilingual but are well-trained in multitasking which is an additional benefit very few local moving companies can be proud of.

Contact us now and we guarantee we will manage any heavy-duty moving project you assign to us. We are A rated for our professionalism in moving fragile items, heavy pianos as well as all types of storage boxes and furniture. Our insurance is an additional benefit which you can also take advantage of. With us, your move will be a nice and pleasant change of scenery!