Living room Layout Guide for Tenants Who Have Just Got Their Furniture Delivered

Tips to Help Your Furniture Mover Unload Your Stuff at the Right Place

Today, we will show you 5 different living room floor plans to help you decide which one will be functional enough to serve the purposes you want in the home you are about to relocate to. It is a good idea to decide the one you will go for before your furniture mover arrives so that you can show the transportation team how and where do you want them to unload your living room furniture.

Funiture mover needed

Emphasis on a focal point. The focal point can be anything that you want – a TV, coffee table, fireplace, nice ocean view, etc. Ask your movers to orient the chairs, sofa and the other furniture towards the focal point you have chosen.

Emphasis on conversation. Sofas and chairs have to be grouped together so that people can easily talk to each other. This layout is perfect if you love to host parties.

Kid-friendly. There should be a play zone (usually in the middle of the room) which has to be clearly separated from the seating area. You can use a small table or a bookshelf for this purpose. Leave an empty corner that you can use as a toy storage.

Emphasis on visual balance. To form a room which looks balanced, ask your movers to place your furniture so that pieces with similar visual weight and height are opposite each other. So if you have 2 similar sofas, for example, they should be placed opposite each other.

Emphasis on alignment or symmetry. Symmetrical arrangements work best for formal rooms. Asymmetrical solutions always make a room more casual.

Before telling your furniture mover where to place the transported items, consider the traffic. If you somehow stop the traffic flow, then the room won’t feel comfortable and you may have to rearrange it afterwards.

Of course, we are only movers, not interior designers, so when it comes to designing solutions, you’d better count on another consultant. What we do best is safely move furniture, boxes, musical instruments, and other personal belongings of yours. For more information about the methods and vehicles we use to do this, you can contact Sam’s Moving and Delivery at (847) 278-2260. Our office is based in Chicago IL.