How to find the house movers that gives most bang for the buck.

Many house movers in Chicago IL compete against each other for offering great services and good prices, so how would you choose the best one? How to get that perfect balance between quality services and affordable rates? Every person on the brink of moving is asking himself: How to get more bang for the buck? We say: Easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Research

House moving in progress

Once your home in Chicago IL is up for sale, phone will start ringing and your email box start filling up with moving service offers. Choose few of the best deals and find out how they fare on customer reviews.

Ask family, friends and coworkers for advice. If you know any of them that hired a moving service before, they are definitely the right people to ask for opinions. Keep in mind that the bad reviews matter as much as the good reviews. You will want to know which are the moving companies you should stay away from.

2. Estimates.

Most house movers in Chicago IL offer free of charge estimates. This is a great advantage. However a true estimate cannot be established after only a phone call. The mover has to come to your place, inspect the items that should be mover, and only after a thorough inspection, he will be able to give a real estimate. Stay away from estimates over the phone. You may end up paying twice the price or getting a poor service.

3. Insurances and licenses.

Every one of the moving companies, you consider, must be licensed and insured, the ones in Chicago IL are no exception. As you’re looking to transport all your belongings, for sure some very expensive items will have to be handled. You want to make sure that all your things are protected and covered in case of breakage, loss or damage. A licensed and insured moving service will give you peace of mind that your items are safe.

4. Make a decision based on services and not prices.

When you compare estimates, pay attention to all the details and services they offer. Some moving companies may come with their own package supplies, or storage units so the price may be higher but the quality of the service is way better.

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