How to Safely Relocate a Piano to Your New Home

Tips Provided From Professional Piano Movers on How to Load and Transport Various Types and Sizes of Pianos


If you are relocating to a new property and have a heavy piano you want to take with you, you better consider hiring an experienced and well-equipped piano moving service provider to assist you. If you decide to manage this heavy-duty task yourself, without applying the necessary techniques, you will most probably end up completely exhausted in the middle of the staircase, or even worse, damage the instrument.

Various piano types should be removed, loaded, and transported by applying different techniques. Moving a piano is a tiresome and frustrating process, mainly because people do not know the necessary tactics to simplify the job, or do not possess the tools and equipment, which will make the move easier. If you have a similar project ahead of you, it’s your lucky day today, as Sam’s Moving and Delivery, a well-known moving company in Chicago IL, has decided to share a few piano moving service tricks with you.

  1. Get a four-wheel piano dolly.
  2. Use a moving team of at least 3 people. This instrument is extremely heavy and you better not risk dropping it if you lack enough manpower to load into the transportation truck.
  3. Cover the legs of the piano with bubble wrap, so they can be protected from contact with other surfaces or moving boxes which are also loaded in the same removal truck.
  4. Never use the wheels to move an upright piano more than a few inches, this may damage the floor of your former home. When you unload it, at your new property, apply the same rule as well.
  5. If your elevator is too small to fit the piano or you don’t have one, you better wrap it with ropes and put a carpet underneath to make the process of sliding and pulling the huge instrument easier.
  6. When the piano is already in the truck, make sure to turn the keyboard toward a wall, to avoid sliding or bumping the keys. You can secure it with ropes and bubble wrap additionally.

If you want to be 100% sure that your piano will be delivered intact from point A to point B, you may ask your piano moving service provider to show you a copy of the company’s license and insurance policy or even make an extra insurance yourself.