How to Advertise and Sell Old Furniture You Don’t Need After You Move

Reduce your Delivery Service Expenses, Sell All the Unnecessary Furniture Before You Move!

Instead of thinking about how to organize the delivery service of all the old furniture you no longer need to the new home you are moving to, or how much all this will cost you, you can read the following post. Today, we will give you some tips on how to sell old pieces of furniture online.

The key to a successful sale is your description. It is not the picture that you have made which sells the item, but the few descriptive lines written underneath. Here is how you can avoid telling the truth about the real situation of your furniture, without lying at the same time.

  • If your furniture was made:
  1. after1980, it is contemporary
  2. during the 80’s, it is midcentury
  3. before 1980, it is vintage
  4. way before the 80s, it is antique
  • If there is chrome over or inside your furniture, it is atomic age.
  • if there is some glass or mirrors, on it, it is Euro style.
  • If it has a wood bendy, it is Scandinavian.
  • Describe pieces of furniture which are too fancy as Victorian and you will get the call you want.
  • Wooden furniture can be presented as items from solid oak.
  • If an item is made from bamboo, it is zen.
  • Metal furniture can be presented as industrial.
  • A black leather couch is bauhaus.
  • A bad paint job can be advertised as shabby chic.
  • A bad striped job can be called brushed metal.
  • Ikea furniture can be advertised as designer.
  • When the item you want to sell has a lot of colors, you can call it retro. It will become funky, however, if it’s so colorful that it looks absurd.
  • If you have a rug for sale, advertise it as oriental.
  • If the piece of furniture was stored in your parent’s basement for a long time, you can call it an heirloom.
  • If it is falling apart, there is no better way to sell it than to say it’s a weekend project.

Using such small tricks will help you get rid of all the unnecessary furniture you have. If, however, you still need to book a delivery service for the items you did not manage to sell, you can turn to Sam’s Moving and Delivery, of Chicago IL. Our prices are designed to match your budget.