Hunting for a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Our Residential Mover Shares Some Tips on How to Find a Pet-Friendly Residence

You will be surprised to find out how many people in the US live in small apartments with their pets, but believe us, there are plenty. Although about 16% of the people who live in apartments with pets had problems with their neighbors because of that, another 25% hid their pet from their landlord, and more than 9% lost their security deposit because of that, there are still plenty of tenants who would risk all that for their beloved cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles, guinea pigs, etc.

Here are some facts that our residential mover knows about hunting for a pet-friendly apartment:

  • 85% of tenants have great difficulties finding a rental property that is pet-friendly.
  • 57% have not secured an apartment because of no-pet policy.
  • 22% had to give a pet away because they were not able to find any pet-friendly housing for the price they were willing to pay.
  • 15% had a pet interview with their landlord or property manager.

If you have finally found a place where you can move in with your pet, here is what you need to take care of:

  • Pet-frinedly residenceTake your pet to a vet and obtain the necessary check-up documents. Obtain the pet’s health record, health certificate and rabies tag. Inquire about pet sedation that you can use while traveling long distance.
  • Obtain a travel identification tag for your pet. It should include its name, the owner’s name, the name of an alternative contact person, and the destination address.
  • Create a pet travel kit. It should include a supply of the pet’s regular food, some treats, favorite toys, a brush, flea or tick repellent, blanket, and plastic bags to clean after your pet.

If your residential mover refuses to transport your pet and you have to personally take care of that, make sure that you don’t feed it at least 4 hours before the travel, especially if it has a sensitive stomach. Make sure it stays hydrated.

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