So You’ve Decided It’s Time to Move House

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Are you planning to move out? Do you have too many belongings to handle on your own. If you need assistance, hiring a moving company is the best option for you. It is important, of course, which company you choose, because moving companies in Chicago IL offer different prices and conditions. We can offer you some advice on how to choose your company.

Moving a sofaBefore hiring a moving company, it is good to know whether they have a reputation. If they are established as reliable and trustworthy, you can find out more by asking them some questions. This way you will clarify what they offer, and if their services can satisfy your moving needs:

  • Ask if they have considerable experience in this business.
  • Ask if they are licensed. If you are moving from one state to another, the moving company has to have a US DOT number, licensed by the United States Department of Transportation.
  • If the company is insured, it guarantees a secure moving service. If they do not have a license insurance number, you can ask them for supplementary moving insurance.
  • What is included in their price? Check the other companies’ prices and compare them. See if fuel charges are added.
  • Do you have any special delivery windows or consolidation policies. You should consider if the company is moving out other peoples’ belongings. It can save you money, but it is not the greatest way to ensure you can use your stuff on the date you need it.
  • Will they take care of your belongings and protect them. Items should be wrapped in order to prevent potential breakages, especially for fragile things. Ask them how your belongings will be moved, how many people will take care of them, and if they will charge for overtime.
  • Ask if they are familiar with elevators and high rise buildings.
  • If they do not ask you anything, that means they are not professionals and something is wrong.

Moving companies, like Sam’s Moving and Delivery, should offer you 24/7 service.