Which Are the Items Which Your Home Mover May Refuse to Transport

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Home relocation is definitely not an easy business and you need to plan and consider each aspect of it very carefully! For those of you who have not done it before and need some guidance when it comes to packing, we have prepared the following post. This is a sort of short guide including the items which most local movers will refuse to transport out of safety reasons!

Here are the items which your house mover may not want to ship:

Provessional shipping servicePlants. We all know that your plants are living creatures and they need air and light in order to survive. Locking them in a dark, non-ventilated truck for more than 24 hours will mean torturing them to death. This is why it comes as no surprise that your moving team will not want to take such a huge responsibility.

Freezers and fridges which have not been defrosted well. Most moving contractors demand a fridge or a freezer to be defrosted at least 24 hours before being transported to another location. If you have failed to do so, most companies reserve the right to refuse you to load such appliances. This is for your own safety, as any remaining ice will defrost during the shipment and the water which will appear as a result may damage the boxes containing your personal belongings as well as your furniture.

Flammable substances and materials. Motor oil, lamp oils, gasoline, and even coil are strictly banned from being transported unless the house mover you have booked has specialty vehicles and is certified to do this. You will be surprised but even nail polish is considered a dangerous substance as it is flammable. For the complete list of substances that you are not allowed to transport, consult your local mover.

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