What Can a Movers Do That You Cannot?

What a Piano Moving Service Can Do for You

Piano mover - animatedA piano moving service specializes in transporting pianos from one place to another. Whether it is moving the piano between floors in the same house or transporting it from one side of the country to the other, moving a piano needs a lot of skill to prevent damage being done to the instrument and its body, and injury to the movers. In order to move a piano safely and with the minimum risk financially to himself and the owner, a mover has to use special equipment and methods plus have full insurance coverage.

Most time people that are relocating try to cut costs by asking friends and family to help move their belongings. When moving a piano, it is always recommended to hire a professional piano moving service. Pianos are very heavy, depending on the model, they can start from 300 to 1,300 pounds. Also, their casing and mechanisms are very easily damaged. A qualified mover comes with the knowledge to move instruments safely in between floors, tight spots, and in and out of moving vans.

Depending on how heavy the piano is and how hard the job is, a mover usually works with a team of two or five professionals. Usually, he uses two vital pieces of equipment, a dolly and pads. A dolly is a flat bed on wheels. A piano is secured on top of this so it can be pushed easily over surfaces. Moving pads are thick pieces of cloth that are wrapped around a piano, stopping damage from being done to its body as it is transported through tight spaces.

While transporting an upright piano through a house can be straightforward, the job of a mover can be much more complex. If they are moving a grand piano that does not fit through doors, they could have to remove the piano’s legs and lid. Should the mover be required to move a piano from a second storey to street level, they could use a special crane to move the piano downstairs or, on occasion, through windows.

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